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Water test

Orbisphere G1100 DO Analyzer

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- Trace oxygen monitoring in pure water processes Advantages
- First luminescent sensor for process ppb level oxygen monitoring
- Traceable fully automatic in-situ calibration
- Low cost of ownership: downtime reduced to 5 minutes annual service
- Dry sensor: no electrolyte, no chemicals, and no membrane
- Perfectly suited for OT and AVT, including plants working shifts: oxygen levels do not affect service intervals - Simple to install and operate.
Performance Specifications
Sample Temperature 5 to 45 °C (41 to 113 °F)Sensor resistant to temperature from –5 to 100 °C (23 to 212 °F)
Pressure 1 to 4 bar abs (14.5 to 58 psia)
Flow rate 50 to 500 ml/min
Measurement Range 0 to 20’000 ppb
Repeatability ± 1 ppb + 2% in the 0 to 600 ppb range
Reproducibility ± 2 ppb + 2.5% in the 0 to 600 ppb range
Lowest detection limit 0 ppb ± 2 ppb
Response time (90%) 30 s
Display resolution 1 ppb
Calibration Fully automatic user programmable single point zero calibration
Verification Fully automatic user programmable single point zero verification
Calibration sample Standard 99.999% N2 (quality 50) gas bottles with 5/8” x 18 (C10) connection.Ask your local Hach Ultra representative for advise on local suppliers.Dedicated pressure regulator is available from Hach Ultra
Transmitter Enclosures Wall (pipe) mounting, stainless steel, IP65Panel mounting, aluminium, IP65
Certifications Electromagnetic compatibility standards: EN61326:1997 /A1:1998 /A2:2001 /A3:2003Safety standard: EN61010-1: 2001 Directive 73/23/EEC
Display Monochrome STN 320 x 240 pixels with LED backlight.
Analog outputs 3 Smart 0/4 – 20 mA (500 Ohms), programmable as linear or tri-linear, configurableto send diagnostics or alarm information.
Relays 3 measurement alarm relays (2A-30 VAC or 0.5A-50 VDC), configurable to send diagnostics information.1 system alarm relay (2A-30 VAC or 0.5A-50 VDC).
Digital communication RS485
Profibus DP (optional)
USB-client to download data from a computer
USB-host to download data with a USB memory stick
Data storage Rolling buffer or store once mode for up to 1000 measurements and 1000 operator actions Holds calibration records for the last 10 calibrations
User interface Touch-screen panel: displays concentration, trend graph, diagnostics, alarm status, historical data. Password protection: five levels of authorised access to configuration and data management
Installation Sample connection 6 mm or 1/4” tubing
Ambient temperature -5 to 50 °C (23 to 122 °F)
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing relative humidity
Power supply Universal 85-264 VAC @ 50/60 Hz, 25 VA; or 10-36 VDC, 25 W
Weights Wall (pipe) mount transmitter 3.8 kg
Panel mount transmitter 2.9 kg
G1100 sensor 0.5 kg
G1100-F flow chamber 0.8 kg
1l calibration gas bottle incl. valve 0.7 kg
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