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Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

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- Determination of H2S in water and watery sludges without any reagent need
- Determination of Total Inorganic Sulfide (TIS) in wastewater and sludge (after acidificathon)
- No maintenance (no electrolyte, liquid junction, adjustments )
- Full Perspex unbreakable shaft
- Detection limit <0.3 ppb
- Can be connected with any common pH/mV meter

Technical Data
- Max.membrane impedance (glass half cell) ~100 Mohm, Ag2S half cell < 10 kOhm
- Principle combined (direct) potentiometry without liquid junction and residual mV reading (Ag0/Ag2S/glass/AgHal,Ag0)
- Meter any pH/mV (ion) meter or transmitter (input impedance > 1012 Ohm, for measuring <0.3 ug/l H2S double high impedance recommendable but not essential)
- Range 0.3 ug/l ....about 3 g/l Sulfide as H2S (detection limit <<0.3 ug/l if double high impedance pH/mV (ion) meter with +/-0.1 mV scale is used)
- Precision +/- 0.5 mV (common pH/mV meter) or +/-4 % error
- Response <<1 minute at > = 0.03 mg/l H2S (depending on meter)
- Accuracy <= 15 % error in absence of oxidizing or sulfide precipitating processes
- Interference strong oxidants (HNO3), Hg(II), thio-urea (at very low pH)
- Max. pressure 1 bar
- Temp. range 0 ...... 50 °C
- Optimal pH 2 ..... 12
- Calibration usually 1x per month using sulfide free H2S simulating buffers
- Slope Nernstian (bi-valent cationic), highly conservative (no electrolyte flow, liquid junction)
- Potential drift usually <2 mV/month
- Sterilisation autoclavable (only glass shaft model* with potential drift <9 mV after 30 sterilisations)
- Dimensions full perspex unbreakable shaft; length from lower edge to screw cap: 147 mm (adjustable to 120 mm on request); diameter:12 mm
- Working life depending on application, usually > 2 year
- Meter connection - plug-in screw head S7
- plug-in head with 13.5 mm screw threads and O-ring S8 fixed head connection in SuperleneR full plastic armature for fieldanalytical applications (wastewater, aquacultural ponds in situ)
- Warranty 6 months

Standard set consists of
1x combined Hydrogen Sulfide Electrode WT 573-H2S-SX
1 x CD ION© (direct-potentiometric standard evaluation mV => [mass unit] / l)

- Sensor cable with BNC or DIN socket (please specify clearly your order max. 6 m. length)
- Armature/housing protection for field use.

This publication is not intended to form the basis of a contract and WATER TEST Co., Ltd. reserves the right to amend
the design and specifications of the instruments without notice.

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