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Portable DO Unit


Quick and easy dissolved oxygen monitoring
With Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) technology integrated into the ORBISPHERE 3100, this analyser is guaranteed to improve process e  ciency and provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements. Ideally used in the beverage, industrial and power industries for both laboratory and process environments, it measures dissolved oxygen at ppb level. The ORBISPHERE 3100 provides:

Real data confi dence for process e  ciency
Robust design that endures harsh environments
Fast response time and accurate measurements
  • Real data confi dence for process e  ciency
  • Robust design that endures harsh environments
  • Fast response time and accurate measurements

Data confidence for process effi-ciency 
Direct data transfer using a USB key and simple identification of sample points provide measurements that are unaffected by operator interference.Operators have a password protected supervisor access option for system set-up. 

You can trust the ORBISPHERE 3100 – a programmable calibration reminder informs users when a servicere - calibration is required. An alarm system also allows operators to see instantly whether production processes are in specification and helps make the right decisions fast.

Robust design and easy to use

Designed with a stainless steel IP66 enclosure, the ORBISPHERE 3100 can endure harsh environments such as those of breweries and power plants.

No separate flow chamber, valves and sensors needed – it’s all integrated into one portable analyser. 
The ORBISPHERE 3100 is intuitive and easy to use:

  • Bright, wide angle, colour display
  • Long-life, rapid optical keypad
  • Visual flow control with adjustment
  • Data logger with 5700 storage measurements for process analysis

This analyser is practically maintenance free with only 1 calibration required every 4 years. The sensor's long life LDO spot and optimised software extend its overall lifetime.

Fast response time and accurate measurements
Both the time it requires to measure and the production of typical product waste can drastically be reduced using the ORBISPHERE 3100. Measurement accuracy and fast response time are made possible through optimised electronics, aminimised sample path and rapidtemperature measurements.  Operators can measure dissolvedoxygen in small packages and at-line with an accuracy of ±0.8 ppb, to adetection limit of 0.6 ppb, and with a response time (t90) <15 seconds.

m1100_1LDO technology 
An active fluorescent spot is excited with blue light and a red luminescent light is detected. The presence ofoxygen changes the rate offluorescence decay and phase shift which directly relates to the oxygen partial pressure. LDO technologyeliminates traditional membranes andelectrolyte.



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