Since founded in 1991, Water Test Co., Ltd. has been active in the field of process and environmental water analysis, monitoring and control, especially concerning inline and online water quality analyzers (for instance; Turbidity, DO, pH, Conductivity, Silica, Sodium, BOD, COD & TOC analyzer). Corresponding systems have been installed and maintained by a group of professional scientists and engineers.

All service is supported by a small but modern water quality laboratory able to assist engineers as well as clients with all problems as connected to operating online analyzers and controlling water or wastewater treatment plant. We have also entered the food and beverage industry together with some new process control instruments concerning inline water and product quality control. We have introduced a new method for measuring oxygen headspace inside food , beverage and also pharmaceutical packaging. Which the customer can use our instrument to control and improve their product quality.

Since the company’s establishment, Water Test is steadily committed to be on the level of international standards, and concentrate to serve the best engineering and technical service support for all kind of water quality analyzers for process control systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are also pleased to introduce our own innovation products such as residual chlorine test kit and total hardness test kit for ASEAN countries. Our innovation products are precise and competitive quality to all imported products.